At BeautifuLife by Kay Casperson, we're passionate about helping people find balance and live a more beautifulife.

Whether it's through our naturally nourishing, affirmation-based skincare and cosmetics, our inspirational wellness and lifestyle products, or any of the rejuvenating spa and salon experiences we offer at our signature locations, each member of our amazing team is pursuing their passion for helping others create the beautifulife they deserve.

Meet the people helping us make the world a more balanced, beautiful place.


ANNIE • Operations Director
When it comes to everything we do, Annie's at the heart of it. She’s a creative soul who believes helping people enriches her own life, and says she feels fortunate to be able to pursue her dream of inspiring others to find balance and feel beautiful. Born and raised in the Philippines, Annie’s hospitality degree and a training program brought her to SWFL in 2002. She loves to bake and is deeply passionate about animal welfare. Annie lives in Fort Myers with her husband Jesse and their two adorable kitties.
HEATHER • Regional Director
A multi-talented cosmetologist, makeup artist, and our Regional Director, Heather is passionate about helping others embrace and express their unique beauty. She believes confidence is key, and loves helping people discover how simple a more balanced, beautifulife can be!
Originally from Montana, Heather considers each day an adventure, so when she's not transforming guests or teaching team-members, she loves to travel and explore the great outdoors.

SWFL Signature Location TeamLeaders

NICOLE • Groups + Weddings Coordinator Nicole is a licensed massage therapist with a huge passion for helping others feel balanced and beautiful – from customizing stress-free wedding style plans and parties to finding the perfect lip color to complement each of our beautiful guests.
Nicole grew up in Fort Myers, Fla. and loves spending time with her close-knit, fun-loving family whenever she can. An ultimate Disney fan, Nicole adventures to Disney World with her Prince Charming (aka Nick, her husband) at least twice a month – sometimes more!

BRITTANY • Salon Coordinator
A cosmetologist with a profound passion for esthetics, facials, and skincare education, Brittany joined the Kay Casperson team to pursue her love of helping people learn about their skin, find confidence, feel amazing, and create a more balanced, beautiful life from the inside out. 
When she's not helping our guests get gorgeously glowing skin, Brittany loves spending time with her husband, and as a born-and-raised Florida girl, she has a special fascination with marine biology.

HANNAH • Guest Services Coordinator
As our beloved resident pixie, Hannah's many charms include her magical personality, the gift of gab, and a passion for helping people feel good about themselves – which is why she's always taking exceptional care of each and every one of our guests and consultants.
A talented artist and lifelong beauty-lover, she studied textile design at University of the Arts London, and says her greatest inspiration is her mum (an amazing hair stylist and also a former London salon owner). Hannah also has a slight obsession with elephants.
MARCELO• Spa Coordinator                     Originally coming from Brazil before moving to Bradenton and later Southwest Florida, Marcelo has always been passionate about caring for others and uses his career as a way to help his clients. His love for giving a helping hand began early in his life when his mother would get migraines. Marcelo's compassion and care for people has made him the massage therapist and father that he is today. When he is not in the spa working his magic, he loves cooking, being outdoors and spending time with his family.      


SWFL Signature Location Lifestyle Consultants

ASHLEY • Makeup + Nail Artist
Our superstar makeup and nail artist, Ashley joined the team because she also believes that finding balance is essential for a beautiful outlook and a beautifulife. She loves helping women understand and appreciate the unique beauty they already possess, including teaching them about using makeup to enhance their naturally beautiful attributes.
A born-and-raised Florida girl, Ashley is also a passionate (and very talented!) singer. She believes that, just like balance and beauty, music is a powerful force that can change the world for the better.

RASHAWN • Massage Therapist
Our favorite musical "muscle man," Rashawn is a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep-tissue massage (which means he can work the knots out of even the toughest of athletes). 
Rashawn relocated to Southwest Florida from South Carolina, and when he's not helping our guests soothe their stressed muscles and minds, he loves cooking, working out, and singing.



 AMANDA • Massage Therapist                                                                                                                        Coming from Ramsey, Minnesota, Amanda is no stranger to massager therapy, having practiced more than 6 years! Growing up, her grandmother also practiced massage therapy and soon Amanda fell in love with the idea of helping people to relax and live a healthier and happier life. Not only does massage's benefits amaze her, but it inspires her to live a healthy and positive life herself: something she felt fit right into the Kay Casperson affirmation and lifestyle-based philosophy. Now she lives with her boyfriend, son and two Boxer puppies, and enjoys going to parks, beaches and getting lost in a book every now and then.


CHELSEA • Massage Therapist                      After growing up in the cold temperatures of Buffalo, New York, Chelsea and her family decided that the Sunshine State was the place to go! With the belief that a healing touch and a good massage are essential for one's well being, she followed her passion of massage therapy and was welcomed to the Kay Casperson team with open arms. Chelsea feels that everyone deserves to be pampered; part of the many reasons that she loves the "spa atmosphere" so much.



Orlando Location Lifestyle Consultants



AMANDA • Cosmetologist                                           A born-and-raised Florida girl and Cosmetologist, Amanda has always had a passion for beauty and makeup. Amanda has spent most of her life exploring all that is cosmetics and thrives off of getting to wake up each day and do what she loves – helping to make people feel beautiful and giving them the confidence they deserve! When she isn’t beautifying the world with blush and bronzer, she spends time immersing herself in the arts by playing the piano, drawing, reading and writing stories.


LUCIA  Front Desk                                                   After interning in Florida for a Disney internship, Lucia left her home in Southern California to bask in the Orlando sun with us! Lucia lives with the strong believe that beauty is more than just appearance but rather what is within; something that drew her to the Kay Casperson team. She is overjoyed to live and work with the philosophy of bringing women inner peace and teaching them to be proud of their unique, natural beauty. In her free time, Lucia enjoys traveling the world, having visited places including Italy, Canada, El Salvador and more. While singing in the car as she does so, of course.      
HANNAH • Cosmetologist
A sun-loving Buffalo, New York native, Hannah chose to become a Cosmetologist early on in life. Once giving her Barbies haircuts just didn't "cut it" anymore, she attended cosmetology school and never looked back. With the belief that self-confidence is an important trait for all to have, as well as a love of the outdoors and energetic activities like paddle boarding and kayaking, Hannah found sunny Florida and the Kay Casperson team to be just what she was looking for. When she's not styling and being her outdoorsy self, Hannah absolutely loves to do anything related to art and drawing, hence her amazing affirmation boards and chalk designs that're featured at our Orlando location and on our social media pages!