Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit
Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit
$ 79.00

Fill your home with the relaxing and rejuventing scents of Lavender, Tea Tree and peppermint with our brand NEW aromatherapy diffuser kit - which includes 1 diffuser and any 2 essential oils of your choosing!

Experience the benefits of improving your mood and relieving stress with our 5 aromatherapy essential oils - each with their own healing properties and relaxation abilities. Create your home's unique ambiance with this diffuser's visual light setting and timer options from 30-120 minutes of peace. 

To utilize your new diffuser, follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove cover sheilding the water reservoir by arefully twisting counter clockwise then pulling upwards. 
  2. Add cold, clean tap water to the water reservoir using a measuring cup, without exceeding the maximum waterline
  3. Add fragrance oil to the water (amount dependent on desired intensity of scent, 2-3 drops recommended)

Diffuser Kit includes: 

  • ANY 2 essential oils
  • USB Cable
  • Operation Manual
  • AC/DC USB Adapter (customized)
  • Car Adapter 

NOTE: Do not use hot water or mineral water. Do not refill while the product is in operation. Suitable for use in office and small spaces