Be Like Coffee

I was recently listening to some inspirational podcasts and was inspired by one that really stuck with me.  This one, in particular, was about how to stand firm and to handle any adversity.  

I listened to a story about how a Mother was showing her daughter how to overcome adversity by placing carrots, eggs, and coffee beans in separate pots of water on a stove to boil.  Then after they were cooked, she put them in separate bowls and said that each of these faced the same adversity...boiling water, but each reacted differently.  The carrot went in hard and healthy, but after being in the boiling water became softened and weak.  The egg became cracked and fragile on the outside, yet the insides were hardened.  The ground coffee beans were quite unique as they actually changed the water.  

The Mother asked the daughter, which one are you most like?  The carrot, the egg, or the coffee bean?  How do you want to handle it when adversity comes knocking on your door?  Are you most like a carrot that seems stable, but when things get tough, you become weak and fragile?  Are you like the egg that appears solid but can crack and get hardened on the inside when the heat sets in?  Or, are you like the coffee bean that actually changes the water, or the thing that brings diversity; as a result, you become better?  The coffee bean becomes a whole new substance.  It doesn't become soft, weak, or hard, it becomes what it is supposed to be, no matter how hot or cold it gets.   

The question is, do you realize that you have the power to change any situation around you?  Do you understand that you can transform all obstacles into opportunities?  Do you know that regardless of what hits you, you can overcome and rise to new heights?

This week I want to encourage you to be more like a coffee bean. Take that boiling water of whatever comes your way, turn it into something that smells good, tastes good, feels good, and is excellent.  You have the power to make each and every situation into a beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee that will soothe the soul, comfort the heart, and calm the spirit.  You have the power to live your best and most beautifulife today and every day!

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I am like a coffee bean and will turn adversity into an opportunity to be the best I can be”


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