"When we're balanced in every aspect of our lives, it manifests in beautiful ways. I believe everyone deserves a happy, beautifulife – especially you."  


Meet Kay Casperson

With more than two decades of experience in the beauty and lifestyle industries, Kay's passion has always been helping others find balance, feel gorgeous + live a beautifulife.

When Kay followed her passion and began her career as a makeup artist and stylist many years ago, she dreamed of inspiring positive change in the lives of people everywhere. As a beauty and lifestyle expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur and busy Mom, Kay has always let her personal philosophy of Beauty Inside Out guide her journey. 

Today her brand "Kay Casperson - BeautifuLife" has evolved into all-inclusive signature Spa/Salon and Boutique locations and a busy online community, housing her exclusive skincare, makeup, wellness, and lifestyle collections. The sole purpose of Kay's products is, has been, and always will be to help people from all walks of life find balance, look and feel gorgeous, and live the beautifuLife they deserve.

Beauty Inside Out is still at the heart of everything Kay does  from her inspirational lifestyle products and signature locations to the way she leads her own everyday life.


"I personally design, manufacture or hand-select each and every one of my beauty and lifestyle products, because I use them every single day."

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