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How often are you cleaning your house, throwing away garbage, dusting things off and re-organizing?  I’m sure it is a little bit here and there everyday right?   Well, how surprising is it that even more important than cleaning our house is to periodically clean out our minds!  Remember, thoughts become things and we are what we think so make sure that you are throwing out old inhibiting thoughts of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety and frustration.  

We may not know where these thoughts have come from but over time they accumulate just like garbage, dust and clutter in our homes.  Time to replace this mental junk with positive thoughts of courage, love, hope, dreams and accomplishments!  

Make a choice to discontinue associating yourself with the mental rubbish and opinions of others so that you can keep your mind free from junk.  This is not something that you can do just once a year but periodically this is a must in your lives.  

If you find that you are really on overload and the clutter in your mind seems to be overwhelming, you may just need to schedule a retreat of some kind.  This retreat could be with an organization or even something you organize that gets you to a place of quiet, calm and even peaceful surroundings.  You will find that even if you look around in your own community - there are places you could go to help you experience this.  

I encourage you to take some time each week to clean out your mind as much as you work on keeping your house clean and you will find that you will be living a much more positive and beautifulife!

My affirmation for you this week is;

I am ready to clean out

all of the thoughts in my mind

that keep me from being my most

positive, loving and beautiful self  




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Jun 03, 2018

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