There has been much talk in the last few months since the shutdown of our Country about what essential businesses should stay open and what should not.  Now, I am a believer that everyone deserves to have an opinion about things and of course there is no shortage of people that want to voice that opinion either.  

This has been a topic that went from fear and panic to anger and dismay pretty rapidly.  As all of you know, this health crisis has taken a toll on many lives in all aspects.  From physical and mental health to the economy and our thriving communities.  What might be essential or non-essential to one person, could very well be different from another.  

Of course, there are the obvious businesses that people rely on every single day to survive like grocery stores, gas stations, banks, and pharmacies.  We all need to eat, drive, access funds, and get medicine if needed.  But what about the businesses and organizations that did not fall into the category of being essential or necessary?

I think we have to be careful about using those words loosely as it could actually offend someone or create a feeling of confusion or despair that one might not be needed or the job they do is not important.  In fact, I happen to believe that all businesses and organizations are essential.  Every one of them took time, money, and creativity to start, they fill a void, a purpose and those involved in each one of them have put their hearts and souls out there to bring it to the world.  These businesses help us to live our best and most beautifulife every single day. 

I believe that restaurants are essential as they are a wonderful place for the community to meet up and gather with friends, family, and acquaintances.  I believe that churches are essential as they are a place to worship, feel love, have hope, and be with fellow believers.  I believe that spas and salons are essential as they are places where people go to get refreshed and to look and feel better.  This is just a shortlist and there are many more to mention, but the point is, these businesses are essential in bringing energy, comfort, and balance to our lives.

Of course there has been a need to regroup, slow the spread, flatten the curve, and social distance while we grasped the big picture of what just hit us.  But, regardless of what everyone else thinks is essential, let's try to remember and acknowledge that all businesses are essential and important. They are important to our communities, our economy, our overall health, wellness, peace of mind, and fulfillment.  I hope when you do get back out to support all those businesses and organizations that were so greatly impacted by this crisis, that you take the time to tell them just how much you missed them and how important they are in your beautifulife every day.

My affirmation for you this week is

"I am thankful for all the businesses and organizations that I am blessed to be able to support and will take the time to let them know how important and essential they are to me."


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