If Animals Could Talk

I often wonder and silently wish I knew what my animals were thinking or wanted to say in so many instances.  I have had many dogs and horses over the years, and I love how they communicate to me in their own way.  It might be a loud yawn, a bark, a cry, or a neigh, but I can only imagine what they really would say if they could talk to me.

Regardless of whether you have had dogs, cats, horses, birds, or any other animal as your pets, I bet you have wondered what they are trying to tell you.  Some of you already have your own communication with your animals, whether through eye contact, tone of voice, actions, and when you give the most desired treats!

Animals express themselves in so many different ways, and somehow without words, we know what they need, how they feel, and how much they love us unconditionally.  From the snuggles, the purrs, the nose rubs, the tails wagging, and the look in their eyes, there is a word or feelings expressed in each and every one.

We, as humans, try to communicate back to our animals by talking to them.  Do they understand us?   I like to think that they do.  Not just from our words, also from our actions and tone of voice.   My horses understand from my confidence, my composure, and my caring. My dogs understand from my excitement, my direction, and my dedication.

What I know for sure is that the unconditional love you get from your animals is beyond priceless.  If they could talk, I am sure they would say how much they love you and appreciate the beautifuLife you have given to them each and every day.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I am blessed to have the opportunity to love animals and embrace the unconditional love they give.”

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