Time To Fly

I have a beautiful Osprey nest in my yard, and it is always so exciting to see the babies each year.  It is so interesting to see how the parents will nurture their young.  They feed them, protect them from predators, shield them from the storm and guard them against falling out of the nest until they are ready to fly.  Then, when the time comes, it seems they are somewhat pushed out of the nest to learn to fly and find their own food.  When this happens, they fly away on their own until the following year.  

Well, it is actually the same for us as humans.  We nurture our young, feed them, protect them, teach them and shield them from the storms until they are ready to fly.  I am now at that point where my oldest daughter Kayla is ready to spread her wings.  She just graduated from high school and will be off to college soon.  She is excited and ready to go, but I have an array of emotions, from excitement for her next four years to a bit of sadness about letting go of my little girl.  

I will not be giving a big lecture when I move her into her dorm and say goodbye about what to do or not to do, and I will tell her that we have prepared for this day all along the way.  From the time they are born until the day we say goodbye as they move into adulthood and independence, we are constantly prepping for this moment.  

At Kayla's graduating party, I had advice cards for guests to fill out for her.  We read them together, and it was cute and fun, to say the least.  Things like always take an uber and never put your drink down.  Keep your beautiful, cheerful attitude.  Don't trust everyone; always watch your surroundings, and walk with your head high no matter how hard the day seems.

I have decided to send a letter with Kayla to school instead of giving a send-off speech.  According to all moms I have talked to, it is quite an emotional time, and best to part quickly.  The letter will go something like this;

Dear Kayla,

Your father and I have prepared you for this day, and you are ready to be on your own and carve out a path for your future.  You are a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful person who will inspire others.  You are strong, intelligent, and sophisticated, which will help you make great friends and make good decisions.  I know you will excel in this new chapter of life, and I am just a phone call away if you need an ear to listen.  Pray about everything, count your blessings, stay humble and be kind to everyone.  If you do, you will continue to be blessed beyond measure.  We love you; it is now your time to fly.  XO Mom

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will embrace all the stages of life and trust the process."



Denise Richards:

Dear Kay,

A couple of years ago, I signed on for your email inspiration. Each time I read your email, I felt like you were a good and wise “friend of faith”, a friend who I had never met, but a friend that I admired very much! 😉
(My email changed shortly after our last trip to Captiva, and I have missed you :)

My husband and I honeymooned on Sanibel 37 years ago this June. ❤️
After raising a large family of 7 children, we return to Captiva most summers in June :)

This week’s “inspiration” really hit home for me.
Last June our “baby” graduated high school, and last August we dropped her off at college.
After reading your June 14th post, I know that you and I were “twins in the wombs” of two different mothers! We are def “sisters of the heart” :)

Before our daughter graduated high school, I spent months writing “a calendar journal” for our
daughter, a journal of inspirational quotes, scripture verses, and sometimes my thoughts on such :)
And in the front of the journal, I wrote a letter similar to the one you shared in your recent post.
Yup, we are “sisters of the heart”!

Thank you for your inspirational emails!
I am anxious to reconnect with you, my “sister of the heart” :) ❤️

Denise 🌺
Columbus, OH

Jul 26, 2022

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