Beautifulife - Behind the mask
When did you last put on a mask? This week it is fitting to talk about masks since we are in the middle of Mardi Gras and masks are such a big part of that ongoing celebration.  There are many reasons throughout the year for wearing a mask and so they have different purposes.  The purpose of wearing a mask for Mardi Gras is to protect your identity.  The traditional mask colors are gold, green and purple, which also have a purpose.  Gold symbolizes power, green symbolizes faith and purple is justice. 
There are various other times of the year that masks are worn such as Halloween as a costume to become someone different for that day or event.  Seasonally we wear masks to protect our faces from cold, wind or sun. 
We also wear masks as a part of our skincare routines.  Masks can correct, heal, and enhance the skin as well as bring out impurities for a deep clean, fresh look.  I happen to believe in masks for many purposes and developed one as a part of my skincare product line that does exactly that. 
The idea behind wearing a mask can change with the event or purpose and there is a good reason to wear one for that time.  What we need to remember is that masks are never to be something we hide behind for too long.   Our true selves need to be revealed and we must feel confident when taking them off. 
I challenge you this week to look in the mirror and make sure that the person looking back at you is who you really want to be.  Are you wearing an invisible mask when you are out and about, with others or at work?  Or are you being true to yourself and feeling confidant in who you are and have become?
My affirmation for you this week is:

I will remove my mask and reveal my fabulous, bold, beautiful self to the world

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