Beautifulife - Love Animals

My family and I all have big hearts for animals, as do many of you!  We currently have dogs and horses but if it were up to my daughters, we would have cats, birds, chinchilla’s, hamsters, sugar gliders, cows, pigs, chickens and more!  The only problem with that is the fact that Mom or Dad would be the ones to take on most of the responsibility and every animal requires a whole new set of duties.  

Animals bring so much love and joy to individuals and families but they also require us to love them back, care for them and try to understand their needs even though they can’t always tell us how they feel or what they need all the time.  If you are connecting and listening though – you will almost always know how they feel whether they are happy, sad, scared or excited or even whether they are healthy or not feeling well.  Animals have their own way of communicating with us that is unique to them.  

My heart breaks when I see animals that have been neglected or not treated well and I find myself wanting to take all of those animals in and rescue them - unfortunately it is not always possible to do that.  I wish that people would reach out more for help when they are not able to properly care for their animals because there are others out there that in most cases would be able to lend a helping hand or help to find someone that could.  

My family and my Company have supported organizations that help animals in need and we have also rescued animals.  Getting involved with those types of organizations can give you the opportunity to share your love with animals that really need some help and attention.  You can find these types of organizations locally as well as nationally and if you research them – you will see how they make a difference. You can always find a way to get involved, whether it be through your time, adoption or even donations.

My favorite affirmations for loving animals are:


I will love and protect animals

and cherish the love they bring to my life

I am finding new ways to help animals

in need of love and care

I help to teach my family how to take on

the responsibility of caring for animals


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