Beautifulife - Opposites Attract

It always amazes me to see how people that are so different from each other can be such good friends, lovers, companions or business partners.  There can be this crazy chemistry between two people who are so different in many ways, but actually end up bringing balance to the other person.

My family and I recently saw the broadway play the King and I and this was another illustration of how two individuals from completely different backgrounds could actually start to understand one another and learn from each other.

In a relationship, if two people are the same in many ways it can be hard to find a balance.  For example, if one person likes to spend money and the other likes to save, there could be conflict at times, but reality is that the money will last longer if at least one person is saving. Quite the opposite if both were frugal and never spent any money there would be lots of wonderful and fun things missed over time. 

In friendship it is better to seek out individuals that are not exactly like you, but more importantly people that could bring something interesting to your life.  Individuals with different interests, goals, dreams and accomplishments would bring much more to learn and share and therefore the friendship would continue  to thrive.  Of course in relationships you will need to find some common ground on certain issues but you get the point.

If we understood that being different from someone instead of trying to be the same is what actually makes that relationship continue to grow and stay balanced, I believe we would see more relationships last longer and remain strong.

Sometimes the reason we are drawn to people that are opposites are because there are needs and desires in our own lives that are unfulfilled such as a strong sense of security, love, comfort and support.  There may also be things missing such as adventure, risk, challenge and positivity.

Whatever the reason is that we are attracted to our opposites, it can be a rewarding and wonderful experience if you grasp the opportunity to understand each other and to learn and grow from every moment.  Again, this is just another step in the right direction for your most balanced and beautifulife!

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will embrace the unique qualities of the people in my life and will cherish the differences that exist between us" 

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