I have always been intrigued by butterflies.  It may be because they are beautiful and flutter around with such a flowing, peaceful movement.  They signify freedom, transformation, peace, and so much more, as our family has adopted our own personal views.  

Fifteen years ago, when my youngest daughter was just born, my father-in-law was in a car accident and, not long after, died during rehabilitation.   After his passing, we started to see butterflies in many places we frequent.  We would see them on our lanai at home, to a golf course landing on my husband's golf club, which used to be his Dad’s.  Then again, in the hills of North Carolina, at a picnic area fluttering around in our picnic shelter.  And also in the Colorado mountains while hiking.  

Our dear friend Annie, who also knew his Dad is from the Philippines, said that this is most likely my husband's father’s spirit coming back to check in now and then.  We embraced that belief and held it close to our hearts that he was still watching our family grow.

My oldest daughter gave her little sister a butterfly wing necklace as a gift; she has the other one.  I also have the same to match each girl's butterfly wings making a complete butterfly when worn together.  A note by the designer goes with the chains from mother to daughter, and we hold those thoughts dear to our hearts.  

I Gave Her Wings  (From Mom)

I may have given you wings, but you gave my life a better direction.  Helping you grow has awakened new worlds within me.  You challenged me to be better - to breathe with a softer heart and think with a stronger mind.  You showed me what unconditional love truly means.  If you question where you belong, know you will always have an infinite home within me.  Your wings are not mine to keep, but I’ll forever hold them close.  May my heart be the safest place you fall.  Let my love remind you of all the reasons you can fly.  

She Taught Me To Fly  (From my daughters)

You provide a sacred love that gives courage and comfort all at once.  A solid ground that I continue to rise upon.  My wings were built from your heart and are entwined with your enlivening strength and magic.  And when you told me I could fly, it was impossible to doubt because I have seen all that grows from being wrapped in your light.  Guided by your love, I can move to a place of expansion - holding on to your teachings and carrying pieces of you wherever I go.  This is how I know I can reach great heights - only through our hearts do we get the chance to meet the sky.

You may not notice butterflies as our family does, but when you do next, I hope you will have a peaceful feeling and the freedom to spread your wings to fly.


My affirmation you this week is;

“I will embrace butterflies and all things nature provides to help transform my thoughts into peaceful, beautiful feelings."


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