Calm + Cool + Collected

It doesn't matter what is happening in the world, or situations that may be affecting your own slice of life, three phrases need to remain on top of your mind.  Stay calm, be cool and keep collected.

It is easy to jump to a conclusion or be swayed one way or another if you allow yourself to make quick decisions based on fear or panic.  The reality is that if you make an extra effort to dive deeper into the facts, access each situation with eyes wide open and a clear mindset, you will remain in control of things that can affect you.  Not only will this be better for you but for those around you as well.

Below are a few suggestions for how to make this happen in your life;

  • Stop, take a step back, and assess things before responding in fear, anger, or panic.  Regardless of what the situation is, there can be a positive outcome if you learn all the details, not just from one source but a few that you are sure can be trusted with the truth.  Remember, not all information that is available is correct. Especially in our environment of social media and search engines, there is a multitude of opinions that are just that, an opinion and not necessarily truth.
  • Keep your faith, prayer, and meditation in the forefront of your life as it can be your saving grace when it comes to jumping too fast.  Don't let your actions be determined by fear. Realize that faith and fear can not live in the same space.
  • Give yourself simple words of affirmations to live by every day. For example,  "I am at peace," "I am in control," "I am wise," "I am confident." These simple phrases will help you get through anything if you believe them at the same time as they are said.  

Allowing yourself to make wise decisions based on knowledge and control will continue to keep your life peaceful and more meaningful.  Being calm, cool, and collected means to be completely relaxed, and to keep your composure. Having confidence that you will get through anything, and the outcome will be positive.  This way of thinking and doing will continue to lead you to your most balanced and beautifulife.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I will take a step back to assess things on my own time in order to remain calm, cool and collected in all situations.”


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