Deeper Dive

We are living in a world with way too much information coming from all different directions.  Regardless of whether you are looking for more knowledge about health, wellness, current events, or politics, you will get opinions from television to social media and everything in-between.  This is not ideal as many individuals tend to take information at face value without diving deeper into finding truth vs. opinion.  

Taking a deeper dive means doing the essential research needed to explore the best options for you and your loved ones.  I often ask myself, “why do people make some of the decisions they make?”  Is it because they are told to do so, or do they really believe this is right?  Or did they research enough to know that the decisions they make are based on what they genuinely believe to be essential and suitable for themselves and their loved ones?

I have always known that if I was told that I should believe in something to be accurate, I would know in my heart that it was authentic and valid.  I also knew that before throwing all my hats in the ring, I would research the validity of what I was getting involved with.  I would fully understand all that entailed and all that surrounded that belief.  

How do you weed through the clutter, validate and understand what is suitable for you and your loved ones?  Most importantly, take a look at all the recommendations of others and research the outcomes.  Weigh the benefits and the disadvantages.  This will help you determine whether any belief or decision is right for you or your family.

I also believe that if you dive deeper into the subject's research to find out how people have experienced the outcomes, you will learn so much more.  Not only will you understand the positive results, but also the negative.  This gives a strong sense of balance and knowledge to grasp what is real and what is essential.

Yes, taking a deeper dive into everything that affects your life and your family's life is essential to have your best and most beautifulife.  

My affirmation for you this week is:

“I will dive deeper into what are the absolute best and most important decisions for myself and my loved ones."

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