Drink Up!

I am an extreme health advocate and have been for many years.  I believe wholeheartedly in a combination of science and nature when it comes to managing my health.  I eat well, exercise, and take many vitamins.  I also pray, meditate, and speak positive affirmations to balance my emotional and spiritual health.  

Another topic that I feel merits some discussion is alcohol and the benefits of partaking in some of the healthier drinks available to us every day.  Always keep in mind that we should do everything in moderation.  And, of course, avoid alcohol at all if there are addiction issues or abundance problems, i.e., not knowing when enough is enough.

I have done a bit of research on some of the healthier alcohol options that are out there.  You can decide for yourself what might be a good fit for your lifestyle.  Who knows, you may want to try something new and different.  You may acquire a taste for something that you never thought would tickle your fancy.  Or, you may have already found what works for you, and that's great too!

Tequila - The natural sugar found in tequila is Agavins, which act like fiber and will not raise your blood sugar levels.  Research shows that this raw sugar may help to lower cholesterol and aid in losing weight.  Tequila may also promote proper digestion, help fight dementia and boost your immunity. 

Red Wine - Polyphenols, Resveratrol and Quercetin, which are the active compounds in red wine, have been known to improve our overall heart health.  This popular drink can also help to combat inflammation, sharpen your mind, and improve your mood.  The benefits are too many to list here, which is probably why this is my favorite.

Vodka - Research has shown that Vodka might be a better stress reducer than Red Wine (the jury is out).  It may help to reduce pain from a headache, muscle ache, or even a toothache.  It might also help protect your heart health by stimulating blood flow and circulation, reducing oxidative stress, and reducing the risk of heart diseases.  

Rum - This one seems to get lost a bit in the shuffle, but you might be surprised to know that Rum can help with many things, from a more peaceful and deep sleep to strengthening the immune system.  It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and may help prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.  This ageless drink is made from molasses and other sugarcane byproducts and may enhance mental health and reduce anxiety.  

Whiskey - With just one serving of whisky, you will get as many antioxidants as a glass of wine and some pretty good health benefits, from fighting off cancer, dementia, heart disease, and the common cold to being the better choice for someone wanting to lose weight.  Whisky contains no fat, barely any carbs or sugar, and is also gluten-free due to the distillation process.  

Champagne - We tend to think of partaking in this for just special occasions, but the health benefits might surprise you.  Champagne has been linked to increased sex drive, boosted heart health, and improved skin quality, reducing wrinkles and acne.  It can also help to improve your memory, and it has far fewer calories than most drinks.  

My Grandmother lived a long, healthy, and vibrant life.  Many years ago, I remembered seeing her have a nightly glass of whiskey.  My Dad would tell me that his Mom very quietly had her nightcap, and he felt like this calmed her and kept her the happy, free spirited, healthy, and inspiring person that she always was.  So, cheers, drink up, and who knows, you might get the inspiration you need too!


My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will look for new ways to stay healthy, inspired, and positive while continuing to enjoy my beautifuLIFE."

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