Summer is an excellent time to address the word Resurface.  There are a few meanings for this word.  One is to change something's surface, whether it be a countertop, a floor, or a piece of furniture.  The other is to bring something back up that has been pushed down, suppressed, or confined.  

This word is essential because I believe it is another step in having your most balanced and beautifulife.  Resurface is the name of our detoxifying mask that can change the look and feel of the surface of your skin.  

The affirmation on this mask's jar helps you identify what needs to be addressed in your life.  The product's actual meaning and the message is to bring back up to the surface the things that need to be addressed so that you can begin to remove them or deal with them appropriately. 

We relate this to our everyday lives, where we tend to push things aside, suppress them, or avoid dealing with them because they take up much of our energy and focus.  Instead, they never go away and become more significant issues if left unattended. 

Suppose we follow the steps to living our beautifulife, including dealing with things head-on instead of avoiding them.  In that case, we will be able to move more easily forward instead of being stuck in the past or where we don't need to be.  

Take a close look at what you are pushing away or avoiding.  I have included the five aspects of life that I think are very important.    

Emotionally - Are you following through with your good thoughts and making them a reality?

Spiritually - Are you making it a point to find your joy and pray, learn, and grow spiritually?

Physically - Are you finding the best solutions for your wellbeing with the ultimate results?

Environmentally - Are you focusing on your surroundings to love where you live?

Socially - Are you mending the past with those you care about so all can move on?

None of this is easy, but all of it is necessary to resurface your life now and then.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will resurface my life and deal with things head-on to move forward to a better place."


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