Living without stress can sometimes seem impossible, especially when chaos hits and life gets turned upside down.  But, I know we all have the power within ourselves to overcome worry and stress to live our best and most beautiful experiences.  Sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper to find your strength and move forward with peace and calm in your soul.  I have come up with a few suggestions that just might help you get there.  

Write it down - I am a big believer in clearing your mind as often as daily by writing things down.  I even keep paper next to my bed so that if I wake up thinking about something I forgot to do or need to get done, I can write it down to clear my mind from that thought.  Make a list daily of things you want or need to do and cross them off as they are completed.  If they don't get done, no worries; just move them to the next list.  

Keep moving - This is a big one in terms of helping you stay balanced and calm.  Whether you can get out for a long walk, a bike ride, the gym, or just working around your house or yard daily, you need to keep moving.  The benefits are endless, from strengthening your heart to elevating your mood and everything in between.

Supplement your diet - Vitamins are essential to me, and they have been for many years.  I eat well for the most part, but I also believe that it is challenging to get everything we need daily from our diets.  Life is hectic, sometimes we don't have all the right foods in our homes, and there are many times that our health just requires more.  A few of my favorites are vitamin B12, C, D3, and Curcumin.  I also take melatonin and L-Theanine at night to help calm my mind for a good night's sleep, which is extremely important.

Stay connected - We have all been through this crazy time of isolation, and some are still feeling it.  It is now even more important to be in touch with individuals who inspire you, make you laugh, bring you joy, and brighten your spirits.  Whether it is a phone call, a text message, in person, or even virtual gatherings of some kind, everyone needs that connectivity.  Make it a point to reach out to others who might need to be inspired. 

Listen to your heart - The most important thing you can do to release stress and find your calm is to look within yourself and know that all is well, and nothing is too big to overcome.  Pray, meditate, and practice daily affirmations.  You might be the only person that will tell yourself how amazing, incredible, and beautiful you are today and every day!


My affirmation for you this week is;

"I am living a stress-free life because I choose to take control of all things within my power and will manage with success."  


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