"Nourish and care for your life as you nourish and care for your skin.
Use the product affirmations to bring your life into balance."

Love Your Skin

BeautifuLife Affirmations

What makes Kay’s skincare system unique are the lifestyle affirmations that accompany each of the eight steps; inspirational words of wisdom that help guide you on your journey to improving the quality of both your skin and your life — emotionally, spiritually, physically, environmentally, and socially.


Nourishing Botanical + Marine Extracts

Harnessing the healing benefits of naturally nourishing botanical and marine extracts, antioxidant-rich vitamins, and skin-conditioning minerals, all in one simply inspired system. view signature ingredients

Rejuvenating Peptides + Compounds

Innovative, clinically proven compounds that help rejuvenate skin, stimulate healthy cell growth, defend against free radicals, repair UV damage, and diminish the signs and effects of aging. view signature ingredients

Hypoallergenic + Clinically Tested

High-quality ingredients and hypoallergenic formulas make Kay’s skincare and makeup both gentle and effective on all complexions, especially sensitive and problem skin. 

Minimal Preservatives, No Fillers

Kay's skincare and makeup contain no talc, dyes, fragrance or harsh chemicals, and rely on only a minimal amount of preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

Versatile + Easy to Use

Take the guesswork out of looking and feeling gorgeous with uncomplicated, multi-purpose skincare products and easy to use cosmetics that are actually good for your skin. 

Recyclable, Travel-Friendly Packaging

To make organizing and traveling with your products a breeze, all of Kay's recyclable skincare bottles and makeup packaging are conveniently under 4 ounces. 

"Just like true happiness, true beauty shines from within."

BeautifuLife by Kay Casperson Collections

Skincare by Kay Casperson

Skincare by Kay Casperson
Kay’s skincare collection is the ideal blend of nourishing natural extracts, innovative anti-aging compounds, and everyday inspiration for a more beautifulife. Each of Kay's skincare products features a unique affirmation to help you find balance emotionally, spiritually, physically, environmentally, and socially, and each product is hypoallergenic, gentle, effective on all skin types, and contains no unnecessary dyes, fragrances, chemicals or harsh preservatives.

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Makeup by Kay Casperson
Makeup by Kay Casperson
Inspired by the affirmation Inside I’m gorgeous, Kay hand-selected her hypoallergenic cosmeceuticals to effortlessly accentuate your naturally beautiful features with just a few simple steps. There are no irritating fragrances, no harsh chemicals, and no pore-clogging talc or fillers — only skin-conditioning vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, and cutting-edge complexes that help heal and correct all skin types. Mix and match shades or choose one of Kay's color collections, specially selected to complement specific skin tones. SHOP MAKEUP


Wellness by Kay Casperson
Wellness by Kay Casperson
Because balanced beauty is a process that begins within, Kay created her essential nutritional supplements to nourish not just the mind and body, but the soul as well. Each supplement is accompanied by a lifestyle affirmation to help keep you focused on your goals, stay motivated, and support you on your journey towards a healthy, beautifulife. SHOP WELLNESS

 Lifestyle by Kay Casperson

Lifestyle by Kay Casperson
Kay creates all of her signature apparel and accessories to complement, celebrate, and enhance your beautifulife at home, at work, at play, and on the go! Whether you’re getting organized for a trip with Kay’s signature bag trio, setting the scene for a relaxing evening at home with Kay’s scented soy candles, or heading to the gym in Kay’s inspirational activewear, surround yourself with balanced beauty and positivity no matter where you are. SHOP LIFESTYLE


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