A Father's Love

As we take the time to Celebrate all the Fathers this week, let's also take the time to remember how important the role of being a Dad really is.  Unfortunately - like with motherhood, being a father is not taught in school and the only examples we have are our own parents or the people that surround us. Regardless of your experience growing up, the responsibility of being a Dad should not be taken lightly.  Fathers are central to the emotional well being of their children.  

I have studied a bit on the impact that a Father can have on a daughter’s life since I have two daughters of my own and look back on my own experience with my Dad. I have read some research data that was taken from girls and women ages spanning from 9 to 89 with the question asked of participants to offer 5 of the most important things you need from your Dad.  Below are some of the top responses along with a few of my own.

    1. Time - spending quality time together
    2. Affirmation - approval, and praise as well as the words I love you
    3. Affection - hugs and physical touch
    4. Unconditional love - regardless of any failures
    5. Apologies - for mistakes made by him
    6. To be proud of me - less criticism, have faith in me
    7. Compliments - tell me I’m beautiful
    8. Honesty - knowing that he is honest with others and with me
    9. A listening ear - I need to know he is really listening to me
    10. Guidance - in the big and little things that are important in life
    11. Protection - from the craziness that surrounds me
    12. A sense of humor - so that I can laugh at things too
    13. Commitment - to the needs of our family
    14. Role model - so I know how a man should treat a women
    15. Encouragement - so I know that he supports my dreams and goals

    I’m sure there are things you could add to this list that are important to you too. I encourage you to share, along with your additions to the Dads that surround you in hopes that we can all understand and appreciate the importance of the role that being a Father really is.  

    My affirmation for you this week is;

    "I am taking the time to understand, celebrate and appreciate the important role a father has in making a difference in the life of a child"


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