Beautifulife - A New Day

Do you ever find yourself a bit stressed at the end of your day because you just don’t feel like you tackled enough of the things you wanted to accomplish?  I definitely know the feeling; sometimes it feels like my day flows so quickly and some of the things that I thought were so important did not get done!  This can really affect your attitude if you let it - or you can realize that you did what you could do and maybe other things were just more important to do at the time.  Most of all we need to remember that tomorrow is a New Day and the things that were not done today can be addressed tomorrow - never fear, they will be waiting for you!  Remember the song from ANNIE - Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!

We can get so caught up in getting everything done today and if it seems like you are just spinning your wheels, there is a quote that I love which is "it's never too late to start the day over".  I love this quote because I believe that when we are just not getting in the groove of accomplishing things and we are running into roadblocks left and right, we can actually decide to start the day over or if it’s too late in the day - just brush it off and look forward to tomorrow - as it will certainly bring a bright New Day!

My favorite affirmations for a New Day are:


I embrace today but know that tomorrow

will bring new opportunities

I will be satisfied with my accomplishments today

and look forward to new challenges

I keep a positive attitude, cherish my blessings

and look forward to each new day



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