Beautifulife - In the zone

Are you able to stay focused?

How can you possibly get in the zone and attack the things that need to be done if you are constantly being pulled in different directions?  Everyone experiences this very thing and once you realize what it takes to stay focused and avoid the trap of being pulled away - you will stay in the zone, get things done and feel like you are finally getting down to your list of things to do!  Some of the things that I do to stay focused are;  

  1. Make a short list of the things that I need to do today - this is separate from my overall to-do list that may take me a week or two to accomplish and check off.  This list should have the most important things at the top.
  2. Playing soft classical music or soothing instrumentals in the background when I am working in my office. I find that music without words keeps me focused more on my work - not the words in the music.   
  3. Breathing exercises are good for keeping you calm and focused during crazy hectic days - I do the 4-7-8 breathing exercises recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil who is a world-renowned leader in the field of improving health through mind and body.  Breathe in 4 counts, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8.  Do this a few times and you should feel a boost in energy and focus.  
  4. I try to tackle the hardest task first - if you put this off it often becomes a part of your list for tomorrow - why procrastinate?  

My favorite affirmations for having focus and staying in the zone are:

I accomplish my goals because I am organized and focused

(Make your short list)

I will prioritize my day for the best results

(Tackle the important things first)

I keep my mind free from noise and distractions

(Breathe and play soft instrumental music)


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