Beautifulife - Building Relationships

We are creating and building relationships everyday from home to work and in all of our social circles.  How can we continue to nurture those relationships so that they thrive and bring good things to our lives and to others?  There are a few things that you can concentrate on to make sure that you are doing your part in making those relationships everything they should be.  

  • Show appreciation - Three simple words - “I appreciate you” could change a person’s attitude in an instant, everyone needs to hear them now and then.
  • Express Gratitude - There are many ways you can thank someone, from sending a text or email, a handwritten note or even a simple recognition program at work can boost both self esteem and optimism.  
  • Admit when you are wrong - This can be a tough one for some of you, but a very important step in building a relationship.  Allowing someone to see that you are human and can make mistakes can definitely be a game changer.
  • Be Authentic - People are smart and can see what is real and what is not.  Always be true to who you are and what you believe, don’t try to be cool to just fit in - stand out and be awesome for who you are.
  • Go the extra mile - Little things count.  Don’t be afraid to be the first person to get things done.  Step out and do the little things that make a big difference and make someone else’s job easier.
  • Let go of expectations - Why do we expect things of people and allow ourselves to get disappointed when they don’t happen?  Let’s just have faith and hope that people do what they say they will and if they don’t or can’t - let it go and move on.

    The most important thing to remember is that all relationships take some time and effort to make them strong and lasting as well as rewarding to all.  Work, friendship and love relationships will automatically happen in our lives but keeping them healthy and thriving will make the difference from just living life to living your most beautifulife!

    My affirmation for you this week is;

    “I am making an effort to build genuine relationships in my life that are healthy, strong and beautiful”

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