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How many times have you looked at your phone today?

Are you finding yourself constantly catching up on emails, phone calls, text messages or social media posts but never seeming to really get the things done that really matter on time?  Have you ever thought that you might be what I call too connected? 

What I mean by that is maybe you are not aware that just by changing your notifications settings on your phone you can allow yourself to concentrate on what is important on your list of things to do, rather then be interrupted by a buzz, beep, ring or chirp every time someone calls, emails, texts or posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Remember not all of these things are going to be important for you to read in real time - why not try to accomplish things at your own pace so that you can spend quality time addressing things that are important.  I am a big believer that you should also be careful about your privacy and make sure your privacy and location settings are not set so people know where you are at every moment.  Why would you want people to see your location (or your family’s location) at all times?  Location services should be used for finding places you are visiting rather than to track people or worse yet – have people or researchers track you or your habits.  These are all attempts to collect data so that you can be more programmed. 

Research is showing that more people are stressed out due to feeling like they are having to accomplish things immediately because there are allowing outside sources to interrupt them with new notifications.  Lets take a step back and remember the days where it was so nice to make a list of people you need to call, emails you need to do or read and tasks that you want to accomplish without interruption.  Also, remember that the best connections are made when we are fully engaged in communication with others. Whether it be one-on-one or in a group setting, people want eye contact and REAL engagement not someone checking their phone every other minute.  This behavior has become crazy and I encourage you to put your devices down, turn off notifications and get back to real connections and real communication on your own time for a more meaningful and productive, beautifulife!

My favorite affirmations for having careful connections are:


I control when and how I connect with others

and how others connect with me


I am making meaningful connections

for a lifetime of happiness


I let others know that I am engaging with them

so they feel important and appreciated




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