Beautifulife: Cherish Memories

When was your last trip down memory lane? 

I've recently been going through old photo albums that have been in storage bins for many years.  I have a bin for myself, my husband and my daughters as well as a miscellaneous bin for other photos; business, family get-togethers and more.  My goal is to organize all of my photos based on different times of my life and create these albums to enjoy both now and in the future. Down the road, these captured memories will be fun for my children and their children to look at. 

The way we store memories has changed, we now have our photos on our phones, computers and in cloud or backup storage.  The concept of albums has diminished, even though when you pull one out at a family affair or just while sitting with loved ones...everyone seems to enjoy them time and time again!  It is so much fun to look back at memories and to cherish those times of our lives. Whether the memories bring you back to a joyful time, a challenging time or a time of change - they are all there for a reason...they were instrumental in molding and shaping your life and where you are today.    

I recently discovered that I have the opportunity to attend a high school reunion coming up - which is back in my home state of Minnesota. I have not seen most of my classmate for many years and I thought it would be fun to dig up memories from grade school, middle school and high school just to take a look at what I had stored and it was so nostalgic to think about the fun we had back then.  It was also interesting to remember the challenges and instances that were instrumental in pointing me in certain directions.  Whether I end up attending my reunion or not - it was fun to look back and share some of those times with my kids - they definitely had a chuckle or two - especially with the outfits and hairstyles!

My favorite affirmation for cherishing memories is:

“I am keeping memories close to my heart to remind me of the road I traveled that brought me to where I am now”  


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