Beautifulife - Change your results

Change is good, it can be hard and take much discipline and focus, but it is possible and probable that if you want to change a result, you can. How many of you have been diagnosed with something or maybe you have found that there are things that could potentially affect you genetically from a health or behavioral  standpoint?  

The first thing you need to do is to find out what might be in your genetic makeup. What kind of health or behavioral issues could be inherited? You may have to do a bit of digging into your ancestry, but even for someone like me who is adopted, there are ways to find this out.  

I am one of five siblings that were adopted into the loving arms of two wonderful parents who raised us all with the same abundance of love and a strong foundation of faith and integrity.  All of my siblings were adopted from different birth parents yet raised in the same household. We all took on the wonderful values and morals of our birth parents, yet had different personalities, physical attributes and genetic dispositions.  I became interested in looking into more about my birth parents and what their genetic makeup was and if there were any health concerns I should be aware of in order to change the results, if necessary.

Although not recommended for everyone, I was able to find and meet my birth parents years ago, which solidified a bit more about my personality and some characteristics. My intent to find and meet them was dual purpose, to let them know that their decision to put me up for adoption turned out to be a blessing for me as I was loved and cared for by wonderful people and I am a strong and confident person because of it.  It also gave me insight into certain things that I should pay attention to in terms of my health and wellness and I learned about why I have certain personality traits.  

It is extremely important to be well informed about your health and wellness by getting routine physicals, a complete blood workup and to make sure you get the annual tests recommended by your doctors. If you have any family history of something that you need to pay close attention to, get more regular exams to keep on top of it and be proactive in adjusting your lifestyle to avoid concerns.

Epigenetics is a relatively new branch of genetics and some believe is the most important  biological discovery since DNA. Most people believe that you are stuck with the genes you were born with, but now it is known that they can alter greatly depending on your lifestyle factors. A healthy diet and sufficient sleep can be big contributors to these changes.  Stress, your relationship with others and your thoughts can affect your results as well as the expression of gratitude, acts of kindness and optimism. It is not only positive habits that affect your genes but also negative ones like substance abuse, addictions, inactivity, malnutrition, and exposure to toxins.

The point is - you have the power to change your results to experience the most balanced and beautifulife that you so deserve.  A life of happiness and health are at your fingertips to enjoy today!

My affirmation for you this week is;

I am being proactive in making sure that my health and lifestyle continue to thrive and will make any changes necessary to create beautiful results!


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