Beautifulife - Social circles
Is your head spinning lately with things to do, people to see and places to go? Welcome to Springtime, Spring break, Easter, and all the fun activities that surround us this time of year! There are always so many events and activities that are being planned and sometimes it's hard to attend all of them. You have to pick and choose what makes the most sense for you but more importantly, what social scenes are best for you and who do you really want to spend time with?
Choosing your social network and the people you surround yourself with whether for a short event, an evening out, a weekly or monthly group or even family gatherings is an important decision to make. The reason this is important is because the people we surround ourselves with and those we choose to spend our time with is what we ultimately become. That is why I encourage everyone around me including my family, my staff and my friends to make smart choices in terms of who they socialize with.
There are many aspects to creating a beautifulife and one of those is making smart social choices. The best way to do this is to find people, groups, events and parties that align with your interests and values. Are you encouraged and fulfilled when you are with these individuals or are you attending things just because you have been asked to. Do you feel good after spending your valuable time with these individuals or groups or are you just attending because you have done so in the past or feel obligated.
I encourage you to take a real good look at the amount of time you spend with people, organizations or events that are not really where your heart is and move into a direction of really good choices in terms of where and who you spend your valuable time with. Make sure that you are able to give this time from your heart and that in return you feel good, fulfilled, uplifted and inspired! Remember, the choice is yours and you are in control of every minute of your life, take the control back and decide who should be in your social circle not the other way around.
My affirmation for you this week is;

I am in control of my destiny and will allow only those that I choose to influence me and inspire me to continue my road to a beautifulife!

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