WATCH the video above to learn how to create a flirty ombré lip with Makeup by Kay Casperson! (makeup: Ashley Hammock, model: Heather Degele)


STEP 1 Line outer edges with Kay's Classic Red Lip Liner and gently pull color towards the center of lips

STEP 2 Using your fingers or a small sponge, smudge liner towards center of lips to create a seamless ombré effect. (Fun Fact: Ombré is French for "shaded")

STEP 3 Using a Lip Brush, fill center of lips with Kay's Coral Fever Lipstick 

STEP 4 Finish this fabulous, flirty look with a bit of Fruit Punch Hydragloss

STEP 5 Bonus Tip: Clean up the edges around lips by using a Concealer Brush and Concealer Palette

STEP 6 Show and share your awesome ombré lip looks with us! Connect with us by tagging your smiling selfies with #kaycasperson and #beautifulife!

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