BeautifuLife: Love Learning

Are you learning something new every day?

Whether it's discovering facts, techniques or new ideas, I love to fill my days with learning; but living in a world where we're always surrounded by information can be both a blessing and a curse.

Smartphones let us carry the internet in our hands, pockets and purses at all times, which means it's easier than ever to explore, share and discuss information – and sometimes misinformation, which is why it's so important to be smart about how you're educating yourself.

But no matter how old or educated we are, we're all students in the school of life, and we're always learning lessons. Here are some helpful affirmations for staying at the top of the class!


I surround myself with wisdom

Fill your environment with words, sounds and images that inspire you to learn. Immerse yourself in knowledge by going to places that nurture inquisitive minds, by seeking out people that both challenge and encourage you to learn and think for yourself, and by avoiding people, places and publications that value gossip or drama more than facts or philosophy.


I observe with an open mind

Keeping your values burning bright within you is just as vital as keeping an open mind when you observe and interact with the world around you. It can be a difficult balance to maintain, especially with the internet and social media – where anyone can share their thoughts, feelings or snap judgments across the entire globe within seconds – but if you actively engage in learning and discovering more about the world, you're certain to become both more knowledgeable and more understanding.


I am constantly learning

From the small tips and “life hacks” we pick up throughout the day, to the major experiences and life lessons we learn over time, we are always discovering new information. Sometimes we don't know what to do with it, and sometimes we find out things we don't want to know, but never let uncertainty or fear stop you from exploring all of the beautiful information that life, love and learning can teach you.


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