First Class Tips for Looking Fly in the Sky

It's time for some holiday flight fixes for looking and feeling fresh!

Although movies tend to glamorize the airport scene, real life is quite opposite. Whether you are traveling overnight or just hours away for your holiday vacation - when you depart the plane you may be left looking less than desired. Below are a few flight remedies to help save your face and appearance after a flight.

Splotchy Dry Skin

The air inside the plane is pressurized and will suck out any moisture and cause your skin to have a hard time.  You will notice it mostly on your face and hands but your whole body will suffer.

Step One: Remove your make up within an hour of being on your flight.

  • Pack some moisturizing make up removing wipes in your carry on and gently remove your makeup. If you are okay with getting on the plane without any makeup on then use some of the wipes to freshen your skin and remove any debris or oil you may have gathered from getting through security. This will help your skin so it is not struggling as badly to breathe during the flight with all of that dry air.

Step Two: Moisturize

  • As soon as your face is free of makeup and oils you are going to want to help it out with some moisture. I like to carry a moisturizing spray with me like Kay Casperson’s Refresh balancing spray because it helps to hydrate but also has natural antiseptics and antifungals to help kill any bacteria or germs I may have picked up along the way.
  • Don’t forget about the rest of your body. You are going to want to put a nice moisturizer on your hands, around your cuticles and anywhere else that skin is exposed. It won’t only help with your skin but it will also make you feel more comfortable while sitting in an economy seat for hours on end.
  • Lastly, you are going to want to hydrate your lips - a hydrating lip balm or gloss is the perfect solution.

Step Three: Hydrate

  • Drink at least one cup of water every 1-2 hours. This will help to keep you hydrated inside and out. Plus, it will help your body to start relaxing from all of the stress you may have just endured.
  • If you are able to in the days prior to traveling, start increasing your water intake. This will help to keep your skin even more hydrated and healthy during flight.

Static Unruly Hair

Anyone that lives where it is cold knows that the dryer the air the more static your hair may be. This proves to be just as true on an airplane.

Step One: Don’t brush your hair!

  • I know it is tempting but the less you brush your hair before and during a flight, the better luck you will have for keeping it from sticking to your face, the chair, or standing on end.
  • If your hair is long enough try putting it in a braid. You can do this before boarding or after. This will keep it contained and out of your way. It will also help you from getting bead head from sleeping in awkward positions.
  • If your hair is short resist the urge to comb through it with your fingers, this will only allow for more static and less control.
  • DO NOT go wet your hair in the bathroom. When your hair is full of static it is easier to over apply products that you may even use on a daily basis. The last thing you want is to walk off the plane and look like a grease ball.

Puffy Swollen Eyes

Lack of moisture and sleep can leave your eyes swollen and agitated.

Step One: Wear your glasses

  • Even if you are a constant contact wearer it will benefit you to switch into your glasses at the beginning of your flight. This will allow your eyes to breath during the flight and keep you from feeling guilty about falling asleep with them in.

Step Two: Ice is your friend

  • If you have the little freezable eye pads then pack them in your carry on. About an hour before you land ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice and let them sit in it for a few minutes. Then apply them under your eyes. This will help to reduce the swelling and help you feel refreshed. (If you don’t have eye pads then just use a wet cloth or folded napkins soaked in the ice for a few minutes.)

Step Three: Use eye drops and put your contacts back in

  • After using the makeshift eye pads, go to the bathroom, put in a few eye drops, and place your contacts back in. This will help you feel super refreshed and give your eyes the little lift they need.

Feeling Like you just Rolled out of Bed

You have probably dressed very comfortably for the flight so you can at least attempt to sleep in those uncomfortable chairs. About an hour before you land is the perfect time to put yourself together and start to feel like yourself again.

***Head to the bathroom an hour or less before landing and doll yourself up!***

Step One: Adjust or change your wardrobe

  • Keep an outfit change in your carry on. A summer dress or a pair of black tights and a new shirt are easy, semi-casual outfits that don’t take up much room but can help to make you feel refreshed.

Step Two: Use a hat for disguise or simply re-do your braid

  • Luckily there is a hat for every season! If you are worried you hair is not looking its best, there is nothing better than a stylish hat to hide it.
  • If you have opted for a braid, now is the perfect time to simply re-braid it to place those ends that may have escaped back in place.

Step Three: Add another spritz of moisture

  • Use your moisturizing spray to add a final aid in hydration for your skin

Step Four: Refresh!

    - Brush your teeth, retouch your deodorant, and add a splash of body spray.

Step Five: Redo your makeup

  • Stick with a natural look that will keep your appearance looking effortless.
  • By doing your brows and adding a layer of mascara, you will give yourself a mini eyelift.
  • Add some blush to your cheeks to give you some color back.
  • Use a brightening concealer under the eyes, on the cheekbones, and at the brow line to open and brighten your eyes.
  • Apply more moisturizing lip balm or tinted gloss. You can add some lipstick if you would like but make sure you add the balm first to hydrate.

Step Six: Add some sparkle

  • Adding a cute pair of earrings, some cuffs, or a necklace will help to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit and keep you feeling fabulously chic when de-boarding.

Sticking to these simply yet effective tricks will help you to start your holiday vacation off bright-eyed and bushy tailed instead of feeling like you need to shower and sleep. Stay tuned for more beauty tips and tricks for your everyday life!

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