Little Things

I’ve always been a big believer that some of the littlest things in life can make the most significant impact.  From the way you greet someone to how gracious you are to others, from how you wake up in the morning to how you wind down at the end of the day and everything in between.  

I have always automatically done little things for my family that I know they appreciate in a big way.  Like making the kids' rooms neat and tidy before returning from school, they come home to a comfortable room and relax.  Now that they are older, they try to do this before leaving for school, but sometimes mornings can be rushed, and they don’t always have the time.  

Another example would be to get their breakfast ready and out in the morning to save them time and help to prepare their lunches for school.  And, at dinner, I try to make new meals that I know they will enjoy, and we sit together and catch up from the day.  My family did this growing up, and I know my family now loves and appreciates this time together.

I remember when my husband and I were just dating, and he would write me a note and leave it somewhere for me to find when he left my house.  I saved these little notes because they were so sweet and thoughtful and significantly impacted my feelings for him.  Again, it’s not the super big things you remember sometimes, but the tiny, nostalgic moments and gestures that someone does.

When I was growing up, I remember the times we would gather together as a family up at our lake cabin and play card games together.  Or sitting around the campfire telling stories and laughing for hours.  My husband and I renovated a lake home next to my parents years ago. We had it for 10 years while our girls were young to spend some time with their grandparents and extended family.  They also enjoyed those card games and talks around the campfire. They will never forget that time in their lives as they enjoyed the simple little things that brought so much joy.

When my Dad leaves for Minnesota after visiting us in Florida, he always leaves a note for the girls and some cash.  They never expect it, but they, of course, love and appreciate this gesture from their Grandpa.  They will never forget this little thing that he did that significantly impacted them.

My husband has bought flowers for me on every occasion without fail, from my birthday to Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, Christmas Eve, which is our Anniversary.  My favorite flowers are always delivered right on time.  I never expect it, but this is another beautiful way to show appreciation and love that has made a significant impact.  

Whether it is calling a friend or loved one for lunch or coffee, doing something kind for someone, or simply extending a helping hand. You just might be making a more enormous impact than you think.  Send someone an unexpected note of kindness or appreciation.  Reaching out to see if a friend or elderly person is ok will touch hearts in a more significant way than anything you can buy, and it is priceless.

My affirmation for you this week is:

“I will remember to cherish the little things in my life that have made the biggest impact on who I am and am grateful for each and every one of them.”

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