Secret Sauce

I am pretty sure that most of you have had a time in your life where there was a famous family recipe that would be revealed to only a chosen few.  Or maybe you have a favorite restaurant that prides itself on a secret sauce that many would like to emulate at home.  At a recent event I attended, the term “secret sauce” was mentioned to describe how a particular sports team is trained and stays focused on winning the game.

Actually, there is a secret sauce in just about everything we do.  If you are enjoying a successful business, there is no doubt you have come up with a recipe for success that is unique to only you.  If you are an employee who continues to get recognized for your accomplishments and inspire others, you have developed a successful sauce.

As a parent, we are constantly striving to find the best and most effective ways to raise our children.  We want them to be happy, stable, fruitful, and blessed as the outcome, but the key is what goes in the sauce to help make that happen.  This same concept is genuine as you train and prepare for anything in life, whether it be a sport, a talent, a career, or even retirement.

Many years ago, along with my chosen chemists, I developed a secret sauce for my skincare products that to this day remain essential to their success and longevity.  But, to make this happen, it took much time, dedication, determination, and the right mix of ingredients.  

So, as we all look for our secret sauce, I believe it is all about the ingredients.  Whether you are an individual, a team, or an organization, you will need to create a plan that keeps you focused on your expected end result. The following are ways that I believe could help you mix up your secret sauce to success. 

  • Determine your desired outcome and what you envision as an end result.
  • Explore the best mix of ingredients to get you to your ultimate destination.
  • Make sure to test and tweak the sauce to ensure that it will be a winner.
  • Stay consistent with what works and let go of the things that don’t.
  • Enjoy and celebrate your accomplishments, and savor the taste of success.

My affirmation for you this week is:

“I will continue to develop my secret sauce to savor the taste of my beautifulife."


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