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This past weekend is always a mad rush to get the best sales, start holiday shopping and kick off the season.  From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday and on to Cyber Monday, there is always a deal around the corner.   I believe that we should not wait for an event to support our beautiful and essential small businesses.  After all, they continue to show up everyday day to provide necessities for our daily lives. 

Businesses everywhere are hanging on by a thread because of closures or limitations due to health concerns.  Still, for the most part, they have found new ways for us to do the shopping and enjoying services that are safe, secure, and essential.  

We need things in our everyday lives to survive, like food and health services.  I also know of other things that people can’t live without to keep a positive mindset, stay inspired, and feel well.  Small businesses provide all of these things.  You cannot get quality service, special attention, and the “above and beyond” feeling from ordering something from a big box store. 

Suppose you are a restaurant, a retail store, or provide a service of some kind. In that case, I know for sure that you put much focus and attention on delivering an excellent experience for your customers.  And likewise, many owners of these establishments want to have customer interaction to continue to make their businesses thrive.

It seems as though Amazon has taken over our way of ordering essentials from household items to clothing and everything in between.  It is convenient, but it does not give us the joy of going to a store and shopping for the Holidays.  It is always special taking my daughters out for a shopping trip to get the things we need for our company gift exchange and our secret Santa event.  I prefer to buy from a store that is still actively servicing customers, making their storefronts look beautiful, and hiring people to help out.

Now, I understand there are still many individuals who do not feel safe venturing out just yet.  By now, most establishments have taken significant measures to create safe environments.  But, most places do have the opportunity to either shop online or purchase custom gift ideas such as gift baskets, bundles, or gift cards.  

As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more exciting than to watch others venture through this thing called business.  I love seeing the different ideas people come up with in terms of display, product mix, and specials.  I appreciate all the hard work that goes into running a business that caters to everyone no matter how old, where they came from, or where they are going.

I have worked so hard as an entrepreneur to bring the best out to my customers.  From the beautiful, warm, and inviting locations, the services we provide, and the products I believe in and use myself every day.  I am so particular about the products that I will not introduce anything to the masses unless I love them so much that I use them daily.

As you continue your Christmas Shopping and look for fun new ways to surprise those on your list, step out into your community.  Search for those businesses that just might be offering something a bit different or unique.  Look first to support a small business and possibly give a new idea to someone else that might appreciate it.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I will make it a priority to support the businesses that put their heart and soul into providing a product or service that helps people live a more balanced and beautifulife."

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