The Upside

As we sit here in the midst of a crisis that can cause worry and disappointment, I am certain that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  This light is what gives us a glimmer of hope for an upside to the downside of any situation.

We need to keep in mind that there will always be downsides in life.  From crises to an end of a chapter or relationship. From sickness to the loss of a loved one.  From disappointment to dreams delayed. There will always be something that stops us in our tracks now and then, enough to take a look at what is real, what is lasting and what is meant to be.  

These downsides are the juice that gives us the determination to keep going, knowing that the only way to go is up.  Without loss and failure, how would we know and appreciate what we have, what we are working for and our successes? Without crises and disappointment how would we truly appreciate our surroundings and all that we are blessed with.  

Can you really appreciate love if you have never been lonely?  Can you really appreciate having money if you have never been broke?  Can you really appreciate health if you have never been sick? The answer is, maybe, but I happen to believe that your appreciation is much bigger when you have experienced the other side of any situation.  

Yes, there is definitely an upside to everything and I am hoping and praying for this one to show up soon in all of our lives.  Maybe it will bring a new lesson, a new outlook, and a new way to move closer to living our most balanced and beautifulife.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I am looking for the upside in my current situation and will learn and grow from all of life’s important lessons.” 


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