There is something amazingly beautiful and special about newborn babies. Just recently I have had the opportunity to share in the joy of one of my employees having her first baby. Our Regional Director Heather had her new baby girl Navy Ray just a couple of weeks ago, and I brought my daughters over to visit her in the hospital so they could see and hold a newborn baby for the first time. The emotions they felt were overwhelming as tears of joy were shed, and goosebumps were had by everybody. 

We are lucky enough to have an Osprey platform in front of our House, and this is the time of year we are also enjoying the newborn baby Ospreys. The array of emotions that seeing a newborn baby brings is astounding, from happiness, peacefulness, and thankfulness to excitement, contentment and a sense of relief that the day is finally here and all is well!

The commitment that it takes to nurture that baby until birth and then instinctively doing all the right things to keep that baby happy, healthy and thriving is an amazing feat in itself. No matter what the circumstances are, you better believe, that baby will be cared for regardless of the sacrifices ahead.

I bet many of you have been lucky enough recently to see a newborn baby or shared in the joy of knowing someone that has been blessed with a newborn. Or, you may know someone that has just recently had puppies, kittens or any other animal for that matter.

What I know for sure is that babies bring a sense of purity, innocence, love and a renewed respect for the miracle of birth and how awesome it is that the circle of life continues to spin slowly but ever so diligently around for all to see and enjoy in its magnitude.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will cherish the miracle of new life and embrace the amazing blessings to come."


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