Music, Moods and Moments

It is always amazing to me how music helps me create the atmosphere that I desire from moment to moment and day to day.  Music has a power that can be utilized to fit into absolutely everything you do, and it will make all the noise of life go away in just a split second.  I play music to get everyone going early in the morning to motoring through my workout routine, plowing through the workday, and then enjoying my preparation of the evening dinner routine.  

There is a song or melody for absolutely everything we do that will inspire, motivate and lift our spirits as well as calm, relax and soothe our souls.  I am such a huge fan of music that I can still sing almost every lyric of every song that I loved as I grew up. I remember enjoying everything from Rock, Disco, R&B to Christian, Pop. Jazz and Country.  All the various kinds of music have a place and a time to enjoy and appreciate.

I still listen to large variety of music depending on what I am doing throughout the day, and how I want to set the mood.  My family has grown to also love and appreciate the many various kinds of music, and they know which ones to turn on when we are all together without me even asking them to.  

I have a few suggestions for music that just might enhance your day and help you continue to live your most balanced and beautifulife.

Morning - Start your day out fresh with music that motivates and inspires you  - Contemporary Christian, Gospel or Pop music that has positive messages should keep you in good spirits and will ensure that you begin a new day with a smile, happiness and a great outlook!

Workout - In my opinion there is nothing better to workout to then a blast from the past - but make sure it has an upbeat tempo to keep you moving fast and forward.  I have many fun flashbacks from the 80’s so I get a good jolt from that era, but I also love an upbeat tempo, so the teen and dance beats work well too. Of course if your winding down or doing Yoga you will need something motivating yet calming at the same time in order to focus on your routine.

Day time - I personally have to focus on so many different tasks at hand throughout the day so I tend to gravitate towards a very subtle tone of music with no lyrics, like spa, tranquility or soundscapes of various kinds.  Even soft classical music can keep you focused, but the point is that when only instrumentals play in the background my mind is clear to think and make major decisions without much conflict on words.

Evening - This is a time that I love to prepare dinner and wrap up my workday so my favorite music to play is a soft jazz that gives a bit of a fun festive feel yet quiet enough for all to enjoy a good conversation over.  

Regardless of your age and your love of music, I know for sure that picking the right music for the right time will ensure that your moments and moods are everything you want them to be.  

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I will appreciate all that music brings my moods and will make the best choices for the right moments in life.”   

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