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Are you finding balance in your daily routine?

How many of you feel like you are constantly juggling several balls in the air at one time on a daily basis?  Do you ever drop some and have to stop to pick them up and start over – time and time again?  Well, you are not alone.   Life is definitely a juggling act.  Between kids, careers, health, wellness, fitness, family, spouses, significant others and the occasional me time – it can be a test to say the least.  Unfortunately we tend to loose the last part of that juggle which is usually the me time – something has to give right?  Wrong – you need to be able to find that me time and make it the first part of your act and a very important part of the act or you will be dropping many balls over and over again!  You see, making yourself a priority in the juggle of life will give you the much needed talent and strength to keep all the balls in the air with flawless effort - this however does not come without practice and consistency.  

I have found over the years that the more clear my vision of having a beautifulife is – the more balls get placed in my act.  It becomes even more challenging – but somehow we are never given more then we can really handle – it just may take more concentration and effort to keep them all flying together and in sync.  Yes, there are times when you say – how can I possibly juggle all of this and stay sane?  That is the perfect time to step back and take a good look at what ball needs to be let go or moved to a different position.  Its all about the organization of it – also – lets not be afraid to ask for help when the juggle gets too tough.  There are people you should be able to lean on every once in awhile to help you through some of the juggling acts but if you take that time to analyze the importance of each ball and where they should be placed in the act – you will take on only what you are ready for and can handle.  

What an amazing feeling it is when we get all those balls flying in the air seamlessly and with much effort – then you know you have accomplished the act…at least for today!  

My favorite affirmations for the juggling act of life are;

I am making myself a priority in juggling my day-to-day responsibilities

Do not forget your "me time" if you want to get your act right!

I keep my day planned out, organized and free of stress

Organization is the key to almost everything!

I am thankful for my blessing and know that I can handle all that comes my way

Having a positive, thankful mindset makes all the difference!



Marilyn lopresti:

Dear Kay, How very true , it really is such a blessing to receive your E-Mails . I love reading them , they are encouraging , so helpful in today’s stress with everyday life. Thank you so much!

Oct 13, 2016

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