BeautifuLife: Be Yourself

What makes you who you are?

Is it the way you think or speak or how you appear to the world? Is it where you're from and who you spend your time with? Maybe it's your experiences, your passions, your lifestyle and your philosophy that truly define who you are.

I believe that each and every individual is their own unique mixture of all the above and so much more, so when it comes to navigating the variety of experiences and opportunities that life throws our way, one-size-fits-all solutions rarely work.

Here are some of my favorite affirmations for helping you stay true to yourself on your journey to a more balanced, beautiful life.


I am honest with myself and others

Sometimes we think it's easier to fit in by pretending we're someone or something we're not; ultimately, we're sacrificing what makes us unique so that we feel accepted, which means the people we're pretending for aren't really getting to know us at all. Life is precious, so don't waste time living a lie. Be honest, both with yourself and with others, about who you are, how you feel, and what you want from life.


I stay true to my heart

To live a balanced, beautiful life, we must constantly seek healthy change so that we can grow, even if we're scared or uncertain about what it might require for us to achieve it. Open up to positive new philosophies, people, places and activities, and you'll find what speaks to your soul. If something feels like a wrong fit, then it's probably not right for you – keep on the path of discovery, stay true to yourself, and follow your heart as you explore.


I am uniquely beautiful

No single characteristic or experience can completely define you who you are – unless you let it. Each person is their own unique combination of mind, body and soul, and they each have their own unique combination of countless life experiences – from the past, in the present and what they will each encounter in the future. You are a uniquely beautiful being on your own unique path – embrace it.



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