Gifts from the Heart

This time of year is when most people are in the giving mode and thinking about what they would give to someone for a present.  Regardless of whether you are giving to a friend, employee, boss or loved one, we can all find ourselves at a loss for ideas now and then, so I decided to give you my thoughts as to how you can be more effective in your giving.

Some people are in their element because they love to give, and there are also those who have a harder time coming up with ideas as easily.  Whether you are blessed with hands that freely give without thought or not, I want to express how important it is that you try to incorporate giving into your lives as often as possible.  You will find that being a giver is a blessing not only to the recipient but also to yourself. Knowing that what you give will put a smile on someone's face can fill your heart and soul with much love and happiness.

Let's remember though that it's not so much what you give that matters, but that it came from the heart.  What does it mean to come from the heart? It means that you have taken the time to put some thought into what you are giving, from who and what is important to the person, to the purpose of the gift and what that might mean to someone.  Gifts from the heart will be the most remembered gifts a person will ever get. I have a few suggestions for some heartfelt gifts that you may want to try out this year.

  • Photo gifts - This one stands out because many of you love to take pictures but because we are always doing so on our phones they rarely ever land on our desk, wall or shelves and in a frame.  Some companies offer the opportunity for you to share photos right from your phone to get them printed or framed. You are also able to create photo cards, books, mugs, ornaments, and apparel easily with just a few clicks.  Think about the people you are close to that would appreciate a photo gift that came with much thought and love.
  • Personalized gift baskets - Most companies like mine will help you sort through your list and customize a gift package for you that is sure to please and excite even the person who has everything!  The opportunities to delight are endless including food, wine, coffee, tea, skin and body care products or even a customized Spa Day.
  • Talented gifts - Many of you have a hobby or talent that could be shared with a few people on your list this year and will be sure to excite the lucky recipients!  Do you draw, paint, cook, knit, sculpt or sew? How about making something special for someone who does not expect it?
  • Instructional gifts - What are you good at that can be taught to someone else?  Can you show someone how to do something better? Think about a certificate for you to help someone learn more about golf, tennis, pickleball, yoga or windsurfing?
  • Gift certificates - Of course there is always a gift certificate that people will love.  How about a handmade certificate promising some quality time, a dinner out or a future event?  You can also purchase a gift card or certificate from a Company for a service or product that your recipient frequents or would like to try.

There are many ways to get creative with your giving and to come up with ideas and gifts that will be sure to please, but the most important thing to remember this Holiday Season is that when you take a little extra time to put love and thought into your gift it will most certainly be received with a happy heart!

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I will open my heart to become more creative in my giving to bring happiness and fulfillment to myself and to others"

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