Give Thanks

I love this time of year when we all reflect on the things we are thankful for.  Our lists can be long including our families, friends, animals, businesses, health and happiness - just to name a few.

Though it's meant to be a time of celebration, reflection and togetherness, Thanksgiving and the holiday season can also be stressful and overwhelming. Our lives and schedules get busier and more crowded, and it can be challenging to make the right choices and stay focused on the things that really matter – like all of the people, places and things we're so grateful for.

I encourage you to take the time this week to notice all that surrounds you and the things that you are blessed with and to focus on being grateful for all you have.  Remembering that even the littlest things can turn out to be the biggest blessings in our lives.

Here are some affirmations I'll be holding close to my heart this Thanksgiving holiday –

"I will give thanks everyday for my blessings." Thanksgiving comes only once a year, but I will take time every single day to be grateful and gracious, and to give thanks for all of the beautiful blessings in my life. I will let family and friends know they are appreciated, and I will treasure every moment and memory I create with them.

"Happiness and peace surround my life." When the world around me becomes too busy or burdensome, I will take a moment to just breathe. I will reclaim my happiness and my inner peace by focusing on all that is good in my life.

"I will dream big and shine brightly." I am beautiful, I am brave and I am in control of my destiny.  Nothing is impossible when I follow my dreams and listen to my heart.  My future will be fabulous and fruitful because I am the author of my own story.  

Remember that YOU create the quality of your life and know that when you put your energy into leading a balanced and beautifulife you will inspire others to do the same.  

I wish you and your families a beautiful, blessed and happy Thanksgiving!  

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