Make Your Bed

At a very young age, I learned that being organized can make a huge difference in your success, your accomplishments, and your ultimate quality of life.  You need to be particular about your home life, work-life, and even your social life.  I also learned that it is essential to start with making your bed every day.  

Making your bed might seem like a natural thing for some of you to do first thing in the morning, but others put it off because the morning routine can be quite hectic and hurried.  I completely understand as mine is running between getting my dogs out and exercising, having my own workout, organizing my kids and husband, and everything in between.  But, I never go a day without making my bed. When my kids were younger, I made every bed in the house so that all would feel good coming into their room as a safe haven, an escape, and something comfortable to go home to.  

My kids learned at an early age how important it is to make your bed.  Now they also take pride in making their beds every morning and understand how important it is to come back to an organized and neat room.  

These are the reasons I feel it is essential to make your bed every day;

1. Making your bed every day will give you a sense of accomplishment. This simple task completed will encourage you to complete other tasks that will provide you with an even greater sense of satisfaction.                                    

2. Making your bed helps you to feel a sense of organization.  You will see a clean and put-together room instead of seeing an unorganized mess.  This will give you a feeling of peace and comfort instead of chaos and disorder.

3. Making your bed will set the stage for good habits in your life—habits such as staying clean and organized in other places in your house.  Your closet, cabinets, car, and the different areas will benefit from the simple little step of starting with your bed.

4. Making your bed will keep respect and self-esteem at the top of your list of importance because it all starts with how you take care of your own personal space and your own environment. 

To sum it all up, making your bed every day will keep you living your most balanced and beautifulife, and I know that is what we all strive for every day.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I understand how important the small, simple tasks are that lead to my ultimate dreams and goals."

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