The word remove is one of my favorites for so many reasons.  It is such an important word that I even chose years ago to name one of my very first product creations after it.  I decided to attach words to my products that would not only address what the product was designed to do but to help people look into their lives to stay on the right path.  Remove is not only the very first thing you need to do to move forward in life, but it is also a necessary thing to do daily to stay balanced and to continue to have your most beautifulife.

Why do I put such great importance on this word?  The reasons vary, but the most important one is that if you don't pay attention to the things that need to be removed from your life, you will never make room for the good stuff that will fill that space.  You see, things tend to make their way into your life without you even realizing whether they are helping or hindering you.

Let me give you some of my favorite examples of things that should regularly be removed.

  • (emotional) Negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt - tell yourself how awesome you are and make way for the I can and I will attitude that you were blessed with.
  • (spiritual) Deeply held beliefs that don’t inspire you to be better - if whatever you were taught to believe isn’t helping you to grow into a better human being, then leave it behind and find something that will.
  • (physical) Unhealthy habits that are limiting you from being your best - the time is now to take control of your body and your health, clean out and enjoy the benefits.
  • (environmental) Clutter from things that are no longer necessary in your life - it is now time to filter through closets, cabinets, offices, and garages to make room for better space and organization.
  • (social) People that don't support or inspire you to be all that you can be - let's face it before you even realize it, there are people in your life that are taking you away from the important people that matter the most and continue to enhance your world. Build a healthy distance from those that drain your energy instead of fuel your fire.  

Remove is a word that we need to keep in our daily lives but I especially believe that Springtime is a perfect time to assess the things that need to go. What a great time for cleaning out and starting fresh with a new outlook, new goals and possibly some new friends that will support you on your journey.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will take a close look at the various aspects of my life to remove the things that might keep me from moving towards being the best that I can be."



thank you for these inspiring words of wisdom!
very valuable thoughts to reflect on. thank you!

Jul 22, 2018

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