I love this word because it means so much more than to just shimmer and shine.  This is what I believe we should all strive to do when we walk into a room, do a presentation, meet new people, show up for work, basically everywhere we go.  Now, you may say, ok great, sounds good, but what do you mean by sparkle?

I mean, lets really start to pay attention to how we present ourselves, how we dress, how we smile, how we greet people, how we communicate, basically how we come across every day to everyone!  It's not just about the sparkle in your eyes, but the tone of your voice, the extra big smile on your face, the warm and inviting hug and that little bit of extra effort to make people feel good that makes your sparkle.

You should make an effort to light up a room when you walk into it and really let people know you are there.  You should go the extra mile in making people feel good about who they are and comfortable with where they want to be. Why not be the light that someone needs to really make their day, or how about being the reason that someone smiled today and felt loved and appreciated?  

I am a big believer in not just showing up, but always going places knowing that when you walk in that room, you will sparkle and shine like a bright, happy star, full of positive energy and lots of love to spread around the room.

Just recently a gal that worked for me years ago spent some time with my daughters, and I overheard her talking to them about how she met me.  She explained to them that she attended several events that I spoke at across the Country. She was so impressed with how I would do a presentation and walk through a crowd no matter how big or how many people were there to say hello and have genuine conversations with as many of them as possible, making everyone feel amazing along the way.  This really touched my heart because I had never really thought about how others pay attention to how we interact with people and you may not even realize that people are watching and noticing.

Not everyone is blessed with a natural ability to reach out to people so you may need to work a bit harder to bring out your sparkle.  Let me share a few suggestions;

  • Keep a big genuine smile on your face
  • Give lots of good hugs
  • Make it a point to greet someone and genuinely converse for even just a few moments
  • Keep your energy positive by doing your affirmations daily and stay away from negative people
  • Go the extra mile to do something nice for someone.

No matter how you get your sparkle on, I encourage you to make this New Year an amazing one by paying more attention to the things that really matter.  Regardless of who you are spending your time with, I hope you will give them a reason to notice something a little bit different so they say to themselves, wow…I feel better just by being in your presence.

Happy New Year and may you continue to sparkle and shine bright, living your most balanced and beautifuLIFE!

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