Forever Young

I can almost guarantee that some of you have heard over and over again, “you are not that old” or when you tell someone your age they say “no way” I would have never guessed that.”  This is because some of you have learned to master the art of living your life based on how you think and feel, not necessarily how old you are.

We all want to live in this world for as long as we are healthy and thriving right?  I believe that age is just a number and that your REAL age is how you feel, how you act, and ultimately what you want it to be or where you want it to stay.  

My Dad is going to be 84 this year, and he is still very active in fact, busier than most people much younger than him.  He looks good, is in good shape and has a terrific attitude and outlook. Staying active with his hobbies is essential to him, from bowling, hunting, fishing and golf to taking care of his home and his summer lake house.  He helps to run a weekly wellness center at his church that feeds, clothes and provides care to hundreds of people in need every week. How does he do it, I often ask, and his advice might not be the norm for others. His diet does not follow what others would think to be healthy from avoiding most vegetables, salads or fruits, to eating everything he likes including sweets, treats, and pastries.  He doesn't drink much water throughout the day and does not have a regular exercise program. He would say that his key to staying young and healthy is to continue to do things that you love to do, help others, surround yourself with family and good friends and say your prayers.

Being forever young does not just mean paying attention to how you can continue to look young but rather to keep your heart, mind, and body all in balance so that you can stay vibrant, happy and healthy for as long as you can.  I came up with a forever young package of skincare, vitamins and essential oils that work well in helping me stay vibrant and healthy and also to be able to offer something that I believe in and use to my clients. I have learned though in my life journey, that there are so many other important factors in keeping that youthful feeling and staying vibrant and healthy above and beyond the products that you use.  

I have actually done some studies of the lives of several centenarians to find out what the best advice was for living to be 100 and beyond.  What amazes me the most is that there is not a cookie cutter way to living longer and the ideas that worked for some were completely different than others.  There were, however, a few common suggestions that popped up regularly and some of my favorites are listed here.

  1. Be positive.  Think about the good things that have happened in your life and focus on all the beautiful things that you can continue to look forward to.
  2. Stay active.  Even though exercising was not a priority for most centenarians, keeping busy with projects and activities was good for the mind and the body.
  3. Do everything in moderation.  From eating to drinking to everything in between, many agreed upon enjoying most things without too much indulging.
  4. Keep interested.  Continue to do the things you love to do for as long as you can, if you have to stop then replace it with something else that makes you happy.
  5. Help others. Get involved with an organization or give some of your time assisting others and you will fill your heart with joy and continue to have a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Regularly connect with family and friends. Find every reason possible to stay close through phone calls, emails, social media or gatherings.  Nothing replaces a hug now and then.
  7. Have faith. Being able to pray and give thanks for the years you have been blessed with and the ones to come was unanimous amongst the group for having more hope, less worry and continued happiness.

Overall the thing I learned the most in exploring the lives of people that are aging is that there is not just one single piece of advice but many.  Therefore I would suggest that you find what ultimately works for you, and get into a routine that you can continue to follow. Don't worry or pay attention to what others are doing, what age you are or how fast time is passing by, instead keep focused on the fact that in your heart and in your mind you can stay forever young and live your best and most beautifuLIFE!

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I continue to love and cherish my life and know in my heart that I remain forever young."

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