The Cross

This past month I thought many times about the Cross and what it means to people from all different walks of life. As we moved through Holy Week and all the events leading up to Easter Sunday I had several conversations with my daughters about those events, what transpired and what we can take with us in our everyday lives. I prefer to start my conversations with a question like "what was the purpose of the last supper?" Or, "what is Easter all about?" Or, my favorite one is "what does the Cross mean to you?".

Of course, with kids, there are varying answers to all of these questions, but I believe that if I asked the question about the Cross even to adults, I would get an array of responses. What does the Cross mean to you? Some people will display a Cross on a mantle or over their bed. I think there is still a beautiful, but simple Cross over my parent's bed. Some wear a Cross as a piece of jewelry, and then there are those who have Cross tattoos. But, in doing so, what is the reason or the purpose for that? I happen to believe that there is a multitude of words that come
to mind for many different individuals from protection, redemption, sacrifice and faith to trust, peace, salvation, love or even freedom and glory.

There is a strange contradiction when you think about it that the Cross can bring such as death to life, accusations to forgiveness, defeat to victory, sin to purity, and of course hate to love. What was once known as a cruel form of execution, is now a symbol of something so beautiful and personal. I believe that the Cross resembles a choice that we make every day to give love out freely and to receive love from others. To know deep inside that, you are loved even without having to hear the words I love you.

Yes indeed the Cross is so many things, it is personal, it is prophetic it resembles humility and also something that is final. Why is it that so many continue to carry the Cross but will hold on to something from the past that is hurtful instead of just letting it go. If we keep the painful, life-changing vision in our heads that Jesus carried that cross on his back so that we don't have to bear the burdens on ours any longer, we may finally be able to move forward knowing that the debt was paid for our salvation.

I encourage you to take this beautiful time of year to reflect and to open your heart to a deeper understanding of renewal and all the words that go along with it like rejuvenation, revitalization, and restoration.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I am taking time to reflect on the cross and what it means to me and how it continues to move me forward on my journey to my most beautifulife."


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