What does this stand for?  Too much information.  We are on information overload in so many ways.  From the unlimited amounts of resources we are able to sift through online, to people everywhere dishing out their opinions about absolutely everything under the sun on social media.  Then, to top it off there are those that feel it is appropriate to unload bunches of information on you that you never even asked for.  In most cases, people don’t even realize they are giving out too much information, so how should we react to all of this?

There is always a time and place to be social and to want to learn more about others, as well as to let people know more about you and your opinions.  But, we need to be clear about when it is appropriate to give or get this information.  Did you ask for it?  Did someone ask you for it?  Is this information going to help someone understand me more?  Is the information I am getting from someone helping me understand more about them?  All of this takes discipline and understanding what your limits should be.

I try to share information with others on social media that is inspiring, interesting and for the most part, positive.  There has been a big increase over time of individuals sharing too many of their own opinions, experiences, thoughts and feelings about various aspects of life on all the social media platforms, and I just don’t think people want or need all of that.  

It is amazing to me the amount of information that pops up when I do a digital search about something, regardless of what I am looking for, there are hundreds and even thousands of answers and opinions about that particular subject.  How do you know which answers are right or wrong?  Common sense and instinct.  Weed through the plethora of information and keep what makes good sense to you and feels like it would work or be a good fit for your situation and your life.

Many of us remember when the only way to find something out was to learn it from someone or to read it in a book, newspaper or magazine.  Now of course in the palm of our hands lies an information source that is limitless in terms of what can be found, what questions can be answered and how much information we can get.  It is up to you to decipher through and determine what is helpful to you.   

Yes, we are definitely living in an age of too much information so my advice is to carefully select what information you give people when communicating and to choose wisely the information you get from sources unknown to you.  And, it just might be ok to say “TMI” to someone who is giving you information you have not asked for and certainly don’t need.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I will carefully share information with others that is relevant and inspiring and will be diligent in searching for information that will continue to help me live my most balanced and beautifulife”

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