Trust It

What is “It”?  It is your gut, your heart, your soul, your instinct.  “It” is everything you already know, but sometimes second guess.  Why do we question ourselves so often instead of just running with what we know is right?  Maybe because someone else is doing it, or you were told something different, or you were raised to believe something else? 

This is something we continuously deal with because there are so many decisions needed every single day.  Choices from what your kids or family need, to what it takes to thrive in business, and everything in-between, there is always something that we question.

Here are a few examples;

You are looking to hire the right person to help with your life or business.

  • Be true to what are essential qualities and hire because of honesty and integrity.

Someone is not being treated properly, and you feel bad for them.

  • Stand up for what you believe, and help the person who needs you.

Your changing directions in your business or launching something new.

  • Trust that you are doing what is right and keep moving in a forward direction.

A person that you are spending time with has bad energy or is constantly negative.

  • Take a break from them and surround yourself with positive, encouraging people.

Regardless of what the "It" is in your life at the moment, I know one thing for sure and that is that you have to trust it!  Realize that what your heart is telling you is real, true, and above all the things that you learned or were taught to believe.  The heart, soul, and instinct is the real deal and needs to be listened to for you to live your most balanced and beautifulife!

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I am aware of my convictions and will listen to and trust what my heart says” 

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