Babble is the thoughts that keep creeping into our minds without even knowing that they are starting to consume our feelings, decisions, and mindset.  Is there constant chatter in your mind?  Do you find yourself planning out your day, your month, your year, and your future all in your head while going about your daily activities?

One of the definitions of babble is to talk idly, irrationally, excessively, or foolishly.  Also, to chatter without meaning or purpose or to have an internal dialogue.  Your inner voice is what can get you in trouble if you let it.  But realize that no matter how much babble goes on in your head, you are in control of making the ultimate choices and decisions for your life.  You can either listen to your head or search your heart for the real answers to every situation.

You have many choices in how you process this babble.  Suppose you allow your inner voice to be critical of yourself.  In that case, it could make you feel inadequate and ultimately have low self-esteem.  This could be a crucial factor preventing you from achieving your dreams and goals.  Don’t allow your inner voice to judge or criticize others.  Doing so may lead you to find yourself isolated from individuals who might be in your life for you to inspire or be inspired by.  Allow your inner voice to stay focused on your life's positive aspects.  You will then continue to head in the right direction with the best intentions.

It's not easy to quiet the babble that goes on in our heads, so let's talk about some of the ways to keep our minds clear for even just a moment.

  1. Breathe  - Take deep breaths all day to keep your head clear, and your mind focused.
  2. Make notes - Empty your thoughts on paper, so they don't continue to fill your head.
  3. Exercise - Focus on your movements to get the ultimate results and rejuvenation.
  4. Get creative - Make your garden, home or work more fun and enjoy the moments.
  5. Help others - Find someone with a need and fill it to keep your heart full.
  6. Listen to music - Put on your favorite songs and sing out loud.
  7. Declutter - Keep your spaces clean and organized for peace of mind.
  8. Give thanks - Be grateful for all your blessings, pray, and know all is well.

If you learn the art of how to quiet your mind, you will be closer to having peace and happiness, which is true success.

My affirmation for you this week is;

"I will learn to quiet the babble in my mind to continue living my best and most beautifulife."

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