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Are you in love...with your life?  The word and meaning behind Fall means so many things to me. Fall is a time to enjoy change, in temperature, in colors, in nature, in wardrobe and in routines.  It is a time to reflect on the things you love about your life and also the things that you want to make better or different.  The warm hues of Fall bring a cozy and beautiful feeling of comfort, there is nothing better than snuggling up with a comfy sweatshirt and blanket watching a favorite movie or the football team you’re routing for.  I encourage you to embrace this time to Fall in love with your life and reflect on the beautiful things you have accomplished and have yet to do.  Make a list of the things that are working great for you and then a list of the things that you might want to change. This is a great time to make those much needed repairs on your home, look into a new hairstyle or fun color, decorate for the holidays or even work on a hobby or project that you have putting off.  Remember, it’s all good and most importantly a great time to enjoy your beautifulife!

My favorite affirmations for Fall are;

I will Fall in love with my life and cherish my accomplishments

(You are awesome and everything you have done should be celebrated)

New opportunities Fall into my life today and everyday

(follow your heart and run with the ones that fit into your plan)

When I Fall I get back up, embrace the lesson and grow stronger each time

(Every stumble prepares you for a life of strength and confidence)


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