Express Yourself

This is not about voicing your opinion or letting others know how you feel about something, it is about really being honest with who you are, what you want to say, how you want to dress, what you want to do and be in all aspects of life.  

Expressing yourself is not easy in a world where there is information overload and easy access to how others look, act and live.  But why do we care about any of that anyway?  Why can’t we just look inside our hearts where all the answers already live and be who we were designed to be and express ourselves in the way in which we are most comfortable?  I guess it just boils down to a few things like peer pressure, doing what is politically correct or just plain being nice.

Well, today I am here to tell you that the best thing you can do for yourself and for others is to be unique, be authentic and express your true self in all aspects of life.  Below are a few of my suggestions to make it easier and more comfortable for you to venture into a whole new world of truly expressing yourself.

- Listen to your heart.  There is a voice that is constantly talking to you and you need to listen to it in terms of decisions that you make every day from what to wear, where to go, how to be, what to say and who to be with.  Trust your instinct.

- Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  You are unique and there is not one single person in the world like you so act out your uniqueness and celebrate it every day.  People love who you are and will appreciate you even more if you stand out and stay true to yourself.

  • - Be fearless.  Ready to branch out of your comfort zone into a new style?  Not sure if others will appreciate or accept your decisions in life?  Oh well, get over it and keep moving forward with what is in your heart and what will make you happy.  After all, that is what really matters most.


    I think one of the most important aspects of living your most balanced and beautifulife is to express yourself in a way that makes the world understand and appreciate how authentic and unique you really are.  I have always encouraged others to do what makes you happy, be what makes you feel good and speak the truth.

    My affirmation for you this week is;

    “Today and every day I will be 100% authentic and will express my true self to the world”

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