Rest and Recover

Wow, what an amazing whirlwind the holidays and end of year can be!  So much to do, so many people to see and not very much time for ourselves, which means many of us forget the very important person that needs!  Some of you are laughing right now and saying yes, I do need attention and personal time but how in the world can I find the time to focus on me!  Well, let’s start by sending the kids back to school, the visitors home, the spouse off to work or play and make a very focused effort on taking some time to rest and recover from all the craziness of the past month or so.

You may have been one of the lucky ones to escape the colds and flu that have been circulating around but if not, there is an even bigger reason for you to take some time to get yourself back to feeling 100% again and ready to take on the world.  Not only do you need to rest from just crossing the finish line into the New Year but you also need to recover from putting out all of your energy into making the last few months the best months ever for yourself and everyone else!  Most everyone reading this knows what I mean.

Here are a few suggestions that I have for you to implement some rest and recovery into the various areas of your life.

Emotional - Are you giving yourself a good pat on the back for being the best you can be during a very stressful and busy time?  Are you telling yourself how awesome and wonderful you are and that it is ok to say no and to take a break?

Physical - How are you feeling?  Do you need more sleep?  Are you getting your vitamins and nutrients from your foods or should you be supplementing more?  I know that I do not live without my vitamins B12, C and D3 now or anytime of the year to help with my energy, immunity and protection.

Spiritual - How and when are you giving yourself time to pray and to meditate on all of the beautiful things that have happened this past year and all that is yet to come?  Now is the time to pray for yourself and for others and to believe that all is well and blessings abound.

Environmental - Stop cleaning out all of those cabinets for just a second and stop organizing all of those files and shelves from the junk that piled up over the last year and just put it all behind a closed door until you have stored up the energy to get back to it.  Sometimes you just need to say, “I will get to it later.”

Social - Take a break from parties, social engagements, get togethers or anything that requires you to be on top of your game since this is your time to fill yourself up with rest, rejuvenation and inspiration in order to be the fun, entertaining person you so often are.

Once you have taken the much needed time to rest and recover in the various areas of your life, you will be able to go full force back into realizing your dreams and goals and experiencing your most balanced and beautifulife.

My affirmation for you this week is;

“I will take the time needed to rest and recover from all that I have put forth these past weeks in order to give all that I have and to be the best that I can be.”

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